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Spirituality is a concept many fear. They see it as a weakness to believe in something unseen. It has been said that all people of great strength and achievement were people of faith. Faith is that "knowing" which extends far beyond our intellect and ability to reason. So much emphasis has been placed on reason that many equate faith with fairytale. Here, we find faith to be so large, so all-encompassing, so real, that to deny it is to deny our own existence.

Spirituality is about relying on a power, or force, beyond ourselves. Everyone has the right to create their own mental picture of that power, as long as it has the power to relieve you of burdens, real or imagined, keep you company during times of loneliness, guide you to behave in a way that is not in conflict with your own ideals and other people. This power can be called anything you like. Many of us call this power God. Spirituality is not religion. Not that there is anything wrong with religion, many here are religious. But there is a distinction. There are those who are members of religious organizations that have very little spirituality and those who are not religious with much spirituality.

Have you ever met someone, looked in their eyes, and thought, "I want what they have," but didn't know exactly what it was? Did they exude some calm, peace, and serenity? They probably have established a relationship with a spiritual force that guides their thoughts and actions. We have so little control over what happens to us in life. Instead of trying to control everyone and everything, wouldn't it be easier to just let go and let a powerful force guide us through this maze we call life?

There are many sources of spiritual experiences and organizations in the world today. Ask yourself whether you have faith in a force outside of yourself. If the answer is no, consider some of the benefits: less worry, tension, and fear.


1. Make a list of all the best qualities you would want in a loving and all-knowing spiritual power.

2. Imagine what your life would be like if you let this power guide your thoughts, ideas, and actions.

3. Become willing to rely on this power.

4. Try it out. Then, begin to notice changes in your personal happiness.

5. Keep a daily log of what happened when you relied on this power. Did your attitude change toward a situation? Did you find yourself less stressed when stuck in traffic? Did a parking space open up just when you needed it? Keep track of all the little things first.
Meditation is a powerful way to connect with a spiritual power. This is an exceptional tool for beginners:

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