Happy Life

We are the only ones responsible for maintaining our physical health. Others can help, but not without our permission.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have I had my annual medical and dental check-ups? If the answer is "no," make an appointment. If you don't have a family physician, ask your friends and family for a referral.

2. Am I in pain? If the answer is "yes," you should get it checked out by a qualified physician. Pain is an indicator that something needs attention. Waiting it out is often not the best course of action. It also leads to worry (fear) and affects your mental fitness, thus making it difficult to lead a happy life.

3. Do I exercise? If not, consult with your physician about starting a fitness plan. Start with scheduled walks somewhere relatively level. Focus on your breathing, let your eyes focus on the beauty and wonder of the natural world. If your world is primarily of human construction, focus on the wonders of human skill and ability. Make exercise a daily program of action toward improving your happy life.

Yoga is a gentle way to begin both exercising and meditating to reduce stress and tension. Try this helpful resource:

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